Driver Training

While everyone likes to think of themselves as a good driver, those who drive for business are four times more likely to have an accident than an ordinary motorist. As a result of this, increased running costs, accident costs, insurance costs, uninsured losses and hidden costs all exact a toll on any fleet, large or small not to mention the possibility of person injury.

Bespoke driver training courses are available through MPW Risk Solutions and these will address the problems that have been identified and provide ways to minimise the losses financially, and to provide a safer environment for those who drive for a living.

There are a number of ways that driving can be made to be safer for driver and MPW Risk Solutions is able to arrange for training in various areas including the following:

We can arrange for a bespoke training package to be arranged to suit the needs of the organisation in question and in terms of its fleet, workforce and budget.

  • Practical on the road training, driver workshops, classroom presentations and ongoing support.
  • Skid prevention and control courses.
  • Evasive manoeuvre training.
  • Trailer towing.