Planning Supervision

Building sites and their surrounding areas are notoriously dangerous and all action should be taken in order to minimise the risks to staff and also to any contractors, or members of the public who could be in the vicinity.

If you intend to develop a site, re-furbish, alter or demolish a building, then it is likely that the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM) will apply to you.

What are the Regulations?

They were created in order to establish and maintain a high standard of health and safety in the construction industry.

A planning supervisor must be appointed at the design/planning stage and will put procedures in place to ensure the safety of all those affected by the construction work being undertaken. The planning supervisor will remain involved with the reject throughout construction and onto completion of the work.


Any organisation arranging for construction work to be carried out has a number of responsibilities. The main legal requirement is to appoint a Planning Supervisor who will:

  • Notify the Health and Safety Executive that you are to carry out works and provide full details of the work being undertaken;
  • Co-ordinate with the project designers on health and safety aspects in the designs;
  • Ensure that everyone from top management downwards, complies with the CDM Regulations;
  • Ensure that adequate information is provided to contractors to allow them to safely carry out their work. This is in the form of a pre-tender Health and Safety Plan.
  • Ensure the completion of a Health and Safety file on completion of the project which will provide the client with all relevant information necessary in order to maintain and operate the building safely and effectively.